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Thin Adventure presents
Family Weightloss Pack, Healthy eating for the whole family

Our Youth, Our Future!
Here at Thin Adventure™ we realize we shouldn’t offer healthy eating for just adults or children, but for BOTH. In our convienant family weightloss kit we supply you with the proper tools for healthy weightloss for the whole family whether you are 4 or 40!

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Family Weightloss Pack
Our Price: 199.99

Losing weight is different for Adults & Children, which is why we here at Smart for Life™, have developed a specially formulated program tailored to both. Your Family's journey to weight loss and a healthier life is just one click away with our "Family Weightloss Pack".  This selection was designed for both kids and adults to satisfy your taste buds and your hunger from morning to night.  Combining many of our new Smart Foods from scrumptious shake flavors, noodle soup cups, cupcakes and much more, this pack also includes our famous Smart for Life® Cookies.