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Replace your breakfast, lunch and snacks with Smart for Life ® cookies, soups, squares and protein bars. –
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Smart for Life® is a comprehensive weight loss approach to health and wellness using natural, hunger-controlling foods to deliver visible results. The Smart Foods are made with natural, mostly organic ingredients, which are scientifically formulated to be a perfect balance of fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates that help naturally suppress the appetite – absolutely no drugs or toxic preservatives are included. Our products have NO GMOs, NO Trans Fat, No Cholesterol.

Pack includes the NEW Smart for Life® protein bars which boast an impressive 20g of protein per 190 calories. Other protein bars increase hunger due to high sugar, high carbs and high fat content. The Smart for Life ® natural protein bar will eliminate post-exercise hunger.

Each Smart Food is a meal replacement that when eaten throughout the day with a low fat, healthy dinner, participants may lose up to 15 pounds per month.

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